Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spotted Colorfull Red Sequin Mini Skirt

Bohemian Boho Women`s Red Short Skirt

This red skirt is romantically embellished with hundreds of iridescent sequins. A short skirt unlike any other, this seductive cotton womens` skirt features a floral block print motif (blue/green & more) highlighted with sequins on a red background (see detailed picture). Material is thin and sheer. The construction allows for flowy carefree fall for billowy movement.

As the summers set in the demand for anything cotton, anything easy on the eye and the skin and anything manageable is always on the go. Light and flowy cotton in the form of these skirts is a welcome sight. These are a fascinating variation of a simple long skirt in a variety of bright and summerish colors.


Waist: 24"-32"(elastic and drawstring waist comfortable)

Material:100% pure Cotton

Check out the Patern Display Image below :-

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